Keeping your car in top condition has never been easier with Schmick. Our fully qualified technicians can professionally repair most minor scratches, scrapes, dents and scuffs at the fraction of the cost of traditional repair methods and normally well below your insurance excess. All repairs are done in your drive way from our fully equipped mobile repair vans. Using Schmick means you'll save on the repair cost, save from insurance premium increases and save from unnecessary depreciation when time comes to sell or trade up.

Please use this chart as a price guide and feel free to send us photos of your damage
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Repair Inclusions

Repair descriptions

Price Guide*

Bumper Bar Scuffs & Scrapes contained to bumper bar


Repair damage area by reshaping, fine filling, flattening, base coat, colour match, respraying & blending paint.


Bumper Bar scrape extending into
corner metal panel


Reshaping, fine filling, base coat, colour match, respraying & blending bumper bar and corner panel.


Deep panel Scratch


Repair damage area on vertical panels by flattening, fine filling, base coat, colour match, respraying & blending. (Scratches to approximately 300mm on one panel)


Surface Scratches


Repair surface scratches using cutting compounds on up to 4 panels.


Alloy Wheel Scrapes


Repair damaged area, colour match & respray one wheel. Excludes chrome and machine finished wheels.


Spoilers & side skirts (Body Kit)


Repair damage area, fine filling, flattening, base coat, colour match, respraying & blending.


Side Mirror Casing



Repair mirror casing by flattening, fine filling, colour match & respraying.


Cosmetic Touch Ups


Colour matching and brush application of paint to a deep scratches and / or pitted stone chips to prevent rust. Damage will still be slightly visible.



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*Pricing as at March 2018